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Application Details

The fellowship application includes four parts: statement of interest; opinion piece; summary of dissertation research; curriculum vitae. You will also be asked to submit two letters of recommendation. The application details are as follows:



Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Application


1.  STATEMENT OF INTEREST: In 500 words or less, explain your general interest in becoming a postdoctoral fellow at the Clayman Institute and describe how your research interests can shed new light on our thematic focus:
“Beyond the Stalled Revolution: Reinvigorating Gender Equality in the Twenty-first Century.”

2. OPINION PIECE: In 300 words or less, select a gender focused current event and, using research, formulate an opinion piece. Make an argument for the way the general public should think about the event or issue you selected.  The successful candidate will adhere to the maximum 300 word limit.  This piece should be single space paragraphs only.  At the top of your opinion piece list only your initials, university and degree discipline.

3. DISSERTATION RESEARCH SUMMARY: In 1000 words or less, single-spaced and including all notes and bibliography, provide an abstract that summarizes your dissertation.

4. CV: Provide a curriculum vitae of no more than 5 pages.


Two letters of recommendation. Confidential letters of recommendation are submitted via AcademicJobsOnline. Please submit only two letters of recommendation.  Only your first two letters submitted will be considered.

Please address any questions regarding the Clayman Institute postdoctoral application process to Wendy Skidmore, Fellowship Manager.  Please note our offices will be closed Monday, 12/25/17 - Friday, 1/5/18.  We will reopen on Monday, 1/8/18.

 Applications must be submitted through our online application and completed by Thursday, January 11th, midnight Pacific Standard Time.  

No exceptions will be made for late submissions.