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Application Details


 1.     Applicants must have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy.

 2.     Applicants must have completed all requirements for the Ph.D., other than the dissertation (and its defense in departments where the University Oral Examination is such a defense.)  This includes handling any incompletes.

 3.     Applicants must have a formally composed dissertation committee.

 4.     Applicants must have a dissertation proposal approved by their committee.

 5.     Applicants must have a strong likelihood of completing the degree within the tenure of the fellowship.

 6.     Applicants must have reached TGR status by the beginning of Autumn Quarter, 2018.

 7.     Applicants must have completed supervised teaching, if required by their department, before the tenure of the fellowship.



 1.     No other employment, assistantship, or fellowship (unless specifically intended for travel or research expense) may be held concurrently.  Exceptions to this restriction must be approved by the Clayman Institute.

 2.     GDFs must be in residence at the Clayman Institute during the fellowship year.

 3.     GDFs are asked to submit a brief report (no more than one page) at the end of their fellowship.


 The Clayman Graduate Dissertation Fellowship is an online application.  The application consists of the following materials:

  •  Curriculum vitae of no more than 2 pages
  •  A 4-5 page statement (single-spaced, including all notes and references).  The statement should address the following:
    •   Summary of dissertation research, including its contribution to your field  
    • How current work is related to issues of women and/or gender
    • Description of how your research crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries
  •  Timetable for completion of degree
  • A current transcript from Axess
  • Two letters of recommendation from Stanford faculty evaluating the quality of the research project and its successful and timely completion. Faculty must comment on student's "time to degree progress" and likely date of completion.  One letter must be from the principal dissertation advisor. Confidential letters of recommendation are submitted via the online application.

 Please direct any questions regarding the Clayman Institute Graduate Dissertation Fellowship process to Wendy Skidmore, Fellowship Manager.