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Art at the Institute

"Art at the Institute" exhibits artists, female and male, whose work critically engages with contemporary discourses around gender. Work seen at Serra House ranges from paintings to photography, computer manipulated images, weaving, prints, and mixed media, and illustrates artists' rich use of imagery, form, political perspectives, and grrrl attitude. The program will highlight the ways contemporary art takes part in the ongoing dialogues surrounding gender. 

Art is shown through the Art at the Institute program by invitation only. Interested artists may submit digital portfolios to the art curator. Priority is given to art which relates to the Institute's theme of a stall in women's progress and advancing gender equality in the 21st century, as well as to art which intersects with other areas of interest for the Stanford community. Artists who wish to submit a portfolio are invited to send no more than 10 images of a reasonable size (less than 200K). Portfolios will not be accepted by mail or hand delivery. For more information about exhibiting at the Clayman Institute, please contact Kyle Stephan by email

Exhibits may be viewed Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm (excludes university holidays). The Institute closes promptly at 5:00pm; thus, please allow enough time to view the exhibit before closing. We also invite you to attend our upcoming art events