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Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault
  • The Clayman Institute for Gender Research has a history of confronting pressing and timely gender issues. This long tradition includes involvement not only in the prevention of sexual assault, but...
  • Columbia University faculty members Shamus Khan and Jennifer Hirsch will present their innovative ethnographic research about sexual assault and consent on an elite urban university campus....

Beginning in winter quarter 2016, the Clayman Institute will convene an 18-month series of events exploring the underlying causes and culture that allows sexual assault to permeate our college campuses and society at large. The series will engage and educate all members of our community—students, staff and faculty—in finding solutions.  By rotating our thematic focus each quarter, we will investigate a different aspect of the culture of sexual assault, leading up to a campus-wide discussion about solutions and best practices.

Quarter Themes

Winter 2016:  Masculinity & Men

Spring 2016:  Primary Prevention

Fall 2016:  Intersecting Identities

Winter 2017:  Global Perspective

Spring 2017:  Solutions & Best Practices