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Dual-career Academic Couples: Videos

Negotiating a Dual-Career Life: Findings from the Clayman Institute study are highlighted along with interviews with academic couples and university administrators.


Negotiating a Dual-Career Deal: Faculty and administrators provide key insights to dual-career couples on how to successfully negotiate a deal that works for the couple.

The Clayman Institute: Dual-Career Academic Hiring: Administrators share practices and guidelines for dual-career hiring by universities.

Dual-Career Academics Conference Videos

"What Universities Need to Know" — Londa Schiebinger
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"Administrators' Panel on Navigating Programs" — Joan Girgus, Robert Weisberg, Shelia O'Rourke, and Londa Schiebinger (Moderator)
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"Couples Panel on Negotiating a Dual-Career Life" - Anthony Antonio, Christine Min Wotipka, Linda Boxer, Steven Boxer and Londa Schiebinger (moderator) (iTunes U Video)