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Date & Time
April 16, 2015 -
11:45am to 1:00pm
Clayman Institute
589 Capistrano Way
94305 Stanford , CA
California US

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Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Dale Miller


Dale Miller: "How Gender Categories Structure Thought and Action"

This presentation will describe two social psychological lines of research on gender discrimination.  The first will examine people’s explanations of gender gaps (e.g., differences in voting patterns) and describe some consequences of these explanations. The second will examine how token acts of egalitarianism increases the likelihood of subsequent sexism. 

Dale Miller is Ed Zschau Professor in the Graduate School of Business and Professor of Psychology.

Clayman Faculty Affiliates are welcome to attend the lunch seminars.  All Stanford academics are eligible to become Clayman Institute Faculty Affiliates. Please RSVP to Wendy Skidmore (wskid@stanford.edu) if you wish to attend.


  • Dale Miller
    • Ed Zschau Professor in the Graduate School of Business and Professor of Psychology
    • Faculty Research Fellow, 2014-15
    Professor Dale Miller is Director of the Stanford Graduate School of Business' Center for Social Innovation. His research interests include the impact of social norms on behavior, the role that justice considerations play in individual and organizational decisions, and the conditions under which individuals and organizations abandon one course of action to pursue another.  While a Clayman Fellow, Professor Miller will ...