Laraine Zappert

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Date & Time
March 1, 2018 -
11:45am to 1:00pm
Clayman Institute
589 Capistrano Way Serra House
94305 Los Altos , CA
California US

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Faculty Research Fellows Lunch with Laraine Zappert


Laraine Zappert: "Why Didn't She Just Leave?": Understanding the Impact of Sexual Violence on Women's Health and Behavior

The talk is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the biopsychosocial impact of sexual violence on the health and behavior of female survivors.  While the presentation will not be graphic, some of the material presented may be disturbing. 

Laraine Zappert is Director of the Stanford Sexual Harassment Policy Office and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences.

Clayman Faculty Affiliates are welcome to attend the lunch seminars.  All Stanford academics are eligible to become Clayman Institute Faculty Affiliates. Please RSVP to Wendy Skidmore ( if you wish to attend.


  • Laraine Zappert
    • Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    • Director, Sexual Harrasment Policy Office
    • Director, WISE Ventures
    • Faculty Research Fellow, 2017-18
    Laraine T. Zappert is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University's School of Medicine.  During her years at Stanford,  she has served as the Director of the Ph.D. program in Clinical Nueroscience in Woman's Health, Founder and Director of Stanford's Sexual Harassment Policy Office, and Founder and Director of the Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine  (WISE) group program and...