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Date & Time
March 12, 2013 - 4:15pm
Assembly Room, Bechtel International Center
584 Capistrano Way
94305 Stanford , CA
California US

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Grandmother Power: A Book Talk with Paola Gianturco


Please join us in welcoming Paola Gianturco who will discuss her new book, Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon, which documents an unheralded grandmothers' movement that is changing the world. Insurgent grandmothers are using their power to fight for a better future for grandchildren everywhere. And they are succeeding. Grandmother Power profiles activist grandmothers in fifteen countries on five continents who tell their compelling stories in their own words.

This event is part of the Clayman Institute's 2012-2013 theme which focuses on moving beyond barriers between work, family, and society. Gianturco will speak to the power and value of the eldery, especially elderly women, a group with enormous power and wisdom who are too often pushed to the margins of our society.

Gianturco's full-color images and her heroines' amazing tales make Grandmother Power an inspiration for everyone, and it cements the power of grandmothers worldwide. Please visit for additional information, or click here for a review of Grandmother Power.

This event is part of International Women's Week. Please check back for more information on International Women's Week at Stanford. Click here to share this event. 


  • Paola Gianturco
    • Author
    Paola Gianturco, a grandmother herself, has documented women's lives in 55 countries. Her work has been exhibited at UNESCO's Paris headquarters; United Nations' New York headquarters; Chicago's Field Museum; San Francisco's International Museum of Women; and many other venues. PowerHouse Books has published Gianturco's Women Who Light the Dark (2007), ¬°Viva Colores! A Salute to the Indomitable People of Guatemala (2006...