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April 14, 2011 -
4:15pm to 5:45pm
Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center
424 Santa Teresa St
94305 Stanford

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Shadow Mothers: Nannies, Au Pairs, and the Micropolitics of Mothering


This is the first installment of our Spring 2011 Event Series. In "Shadow Mothers" Professor Cameron Macdonald shines a new light on an aspect of contemporary motherhood often hidden from view: the need for paid childcare by women returning to the workforce, and the complex bonds mothers forge with the “shadow mothers” they hire. Macdonald illuminates both sides of this unequal and complicated relationship by conducting in-depth interviews with professional women and childcare providers as well as immigrant and American-born nannies.


    • Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin
    Cameron Macdonald is a Sociologist of Families, Gender and Medicine, whose research focuses on the public/private intersections of Care Work: the blurry line between paid and unpaid labor in caring for children, the sick, and the elderly. Her forthcoming book, Shadow Mothers: Nannies, au pairs, and the Micropolitics of Mothering explores how class, ethnicity and mothering norms shape the division of labor between working...