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Graduate Voice & Influence Program


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The purpose of the Graduate Voice and Influence Program at the Clayman Institute is to empower the voices of women and underrepresented minority Stanford graduate students so that they have more influence at Stanford, within their disciplines, and in their academic careers. The program is in its third year at Stanford.

Faculty Director: Alison Crossley (email)

Session 1

October 7, 2015
10 AM - 5 PM

October 8, 2015
10 AM - 1 PM
Introduction to Graduate VIP & The Op-Ed Project
Join us for an introduction to the program. You will meet fellow participants and get the introductory materials and overview.
  • Introduction to Graduate VIP: Shelley Correll, Clayman Institute Director, and Patti Gumport, Vice Provost for Graduate Education
  • The Op-Ed Project: Zeba Khan 
Session 2
November 11, 2015 
12 PM - 5 PM


Acting with Power
Power is an important facet of all kinds of relationships. Participants will explore the reasons for these challenges and experiment with an approach to managing them that emphasizes non-verbal behavior and how actors in the theater learn to play high and low-power roles.
  • Deborah Gruenfeld, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Kay Kostopoulos, Stanford Theater and Peforming Arts Lecturer
Session 3
December 9, 2015
11 AM - 5 PM


Team Dynamics & Negotiation
Do you ask? In this session, we explore and practice negotiation and the impact of how we negotiate on our career and our influence.
  • Team Dynamics: Marianne Cooper, Clayman Institute Senior Research
  • ScholarNegotiation: Maggie Neale, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Session 4

February 3, 2016
4 PM - 6 PM

From Graduate Student to Faculty

Participants will engage in conversations about transitioning into faculty roles.
  • Shelley Correll, Clayman Institute Director
  • Patti Gumport, Vice Provost for Graduate Education
  • Allyson Hobbs, Stanford History Professor

Session 5

March 9, 2016
10 AM - 2:30 PM
March 10, 2016
10 AM - 4:30 PM

Designing Your Career

In this practical, step-by-step workshop, participants uncover and redefine a new and powerful context from which to run their professional and personal lives.
  • Gabriella Jordan, The Handel Group

Closing Dinner

May 11, 2016
6 PM - 8 PM

Closing Dinner

  • Patti Gumport, Vice Provost for Graduate Education
  • Sara Jordan-Bloch, Clayman Institute Director of Leadership Research and Programs