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  • Allyson Hobbs

    A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life

    Harvard University Press

    <p>Between the eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, countless African Americans passed as white, leaving behind families and friends, roots and community. It was, as Allyson Hobbs writes, a chosen exile, a separation from one racial identity and the leap into another. This revelatory...

  • Marilyn Yalom

    A History of the Wife

    Harper Perennial

    <p align="left">How did marriage, considered a religious duty in medieval Europe, become a venue for personal fulfillment in contemporary America? How did the notion of romantic love, a novelty in the Middle Ages, become a prerequisite for marriage today? And, if the original...

  • Laura L. Carstensen Ph.D.

    A Long Bright Future: An Action Plan for a Lifetime of Happiness, Health, and Financial Security

  • Cherríe L. Moraga

    A Xicana Codex of Changing Consciousness: Writings, 2000–2010

    Duke University Press Books
  • Edith B. Gelles

    Abigail Adams: A Writing Life


    In this book, Edith B. Gelles asserts that Abigail Adams' vivid, insightful letters are "the best account that exists from the pre to the post-Revolutionary period in America of a woman's life and world." Adams' spontaneous, witty letters serve dual purposes for the...

  • Edith Gelles

    Abigail and John LP: Portrait of a Marriage


    The marriage of John and Abigail Adams is one of the most extraordinary examples of passion and endurance that this country has ever witnessed. Theirs was a unique union, one based on mutual respect and ambition, intellect and equality. Using their letters, Abigail & John...

  • Patricia J. Gumport, Greenwood

    Academic Pathfinders

    Information Age Publishing
  • Valerie Miner

    After Eden: A Novel (Literature of the American West Series)

    University of Oklahoma Press
  • Robert Proctor, Londa Schiebinger

    Agnotology: The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance

    Stanford University Press
  • Jean Davison

    Agriculture, Women, and Land: The African Experience

    Westview Press