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  • Virginia Valian

    Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women

    The MIT Press

    <P>Why do so few women occupy positions of power and prestige? Virginia Valian uses concepts and data from psychology, sociology, economics, and biology to explain the disparity in the professional advancement of men and women. According to Valian, men and women alike have implicit...

  • Wendy S. Hesford, Wendy Kozol

    Just Advocacy?: Women's Human Rights, Transnational Feminism, and the Politics of Representation

    Rutgers University Press
  • Wendy Walker-Moffat

    The Other Side of the Asian American Success Story


    Reveals the bitter contrast between the educational experiences of new Asian immigrant groups and the Asian American success myth and describes the well-intentioned but harmful practices that provide immigrants with a separate and unequal education.

  • Zheng Wang

    Women in the Chinese Enlightenment: Oral and Textual Histories

    University of California Press

    <DIV>Centering on five life stories by Chinese women activists born just after the turn of this century, this first history of Chinese May Fourth feminism disrupts the Chinese Communist Party's master narrative of Chinese women's liberation, reconfigures the history of the...