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  • Deborah L. Rhode

    What Women Want: An Agenda for the Women's Movement

    Oxford University Press

    American women fare worse than men on virtually every major dimension of social status, financial well-being, and physical safety. Sexual violence remains common, and reproductive rights are by no means secure. Women assume disproportionate burdens in the home and pay a heavy price in the...

  • Deborah L. Rhode, Amanda Packel

    Leadership: Law Policy & Management (Aspen Elective Series)

    Aspen Publishers
  • Deborah Lee

    Having It All, Having Enough: How to Create a Career / Family Balance That Works for You

  • Deborah M. Gordon

    Ant Encounters: Interaction Networks and Colony Behavior (Primers in Complex Systems)

    Princeton University Press
  • Deborah M. Kolb Ph.D., Judith Williams Ph.D., Carol Frohlinger JD

    Her Place at the Table: A Woman's Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success

  • Deborah Rhode

    The Difference "Difference" Makes: Women and Leadership

    Stanford Law and Politics
  • Deborah Tannen

    Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work

    William Morrow Paperbacks

    <p>Your project went off without a hitch--but somebody else got the credit...You averted a crisis brilliantly--but no one noticed...You came to the meeting with a sensational idea--but it was ignored until someone else said the same thing...</p><p></p><h3 align="...

  • Debra Condren

    amBITCHous: (def.) A Woman Who: 1. Makes more money 2. has more power 3. gets the recognition she deserves 4. has the determination to go after her dreams and

    Crown Business
  • Debra E. Meyerson

    Rocking the Boat: How to Effect Change Without Making Trouble

    Harvard Business Review Press

    Most people feel at odds with their organizations at one time or another: Managers with families struggle to balance professional and personal responsibilities in often unsympathetic firms. Members of minority groups strive to make their organizations better for others like themselves without...

  • Debra Meyerson

    Tempered Radicals: How People Use Difference to Inspire Change at Work

    Harvard Business School Press