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Marjorie Lozoff Graduate Prize

The Marjorie Lozoff Prize is awarded annually by the Marjorie Lozoff Fund for Research on Women and Gender to promote scholarship in areas that further women's development. All currently registered Stanford University graduate students, in any academic or professional discipline, are eligible. The range of research topics include, but are not limited to: women and men's role within the family; the role of women and gender in science, medicine, and engineering; women's participation in the professions and other areas of work; women as entrepreneurs; women and gender in developing societies; women and gender cross-culturally. Preference will be given to original research on current social issues.
This prize honors the memory of Marjorie Morse Lozoff (September 30, 1916 - April 18, 2002). In an extraordinarily productive life as wife, mother, sociologist, social worker, teacher, researcher, and community leader, Marjorie Lozoff served as a model for the idea that most deeply absorbed her: furthering women's development for the benefit of women, men, children, and society.

One prize of $1000* will be awarded annually. The prize recipient is expected to attend a lunch with the Lozoff family to describe their research. Prize winners are expected to be Clayman Institute Graduate Affiliates. Students must be nominated by Stanford faculty.

Any research supported by the Marjorie Lozoff Fund of Stanford University's Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research shall acknowledge that fact in her/his research.

* As by law, for nonresident aliens only, a 30% Federal tax will be withheld from the award check.

For questions regarding the Lozoff Prize or to nominate a student, please contact Wendy Skidmore, Fellowship Manager.