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Gloria Steinem and Shelley Fisher Fishkin at keynote address
Ms. at 40 and the Future of Feminism

The video of Gloria Steinem's keynote address is now available on Stanford iTunes.

A live-blog during Gloria's address pulled in nearly 400 tweets plus other comments from around the world; read it here.

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ms. magazine in January 2012 at Stanford University. A keynote speech by Ms. founding editor, Gloria Steinem, will be the centerpiece of a Winter Quarter series of events that looks back on what Ms. has meant to its readers over the last 40 years and that looks ahead to what feminism may mean for the next generation.  

When the first issue of Ms. Magazine was published in July, 1972, nobody knew how well it would do.  Its first 300,000 copies, printed as a gamble, sold out in three days, and generated 26,000 subscriptions in a matter of weeks.  Ms. created a much needed national consciousness-raising forum for thousands of women in the form of a national publication designed to reach a broad audience. In a time before You Tube and blogging, Ms. articles covered everything from feminist grassroots organizing to in-depth investigative reporting to national politics. The letters to the editors from readers over the past four decades reveal the magazine's incredible impact on the everyday lives of women around the country.

Organized and sponsored by Stanford's American Studies Program, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, and the Program in Feminist Studies, in conjunction with Ms. magazine.

"For women throughout the country, it was mind-blowing. Here was, written down, what they had not yet admitted they felt, had always feared to say out loud, and could not believe was now before their eyes, in public, for all to read."

   --Carolyn Heilbrun, Gloria Steinem biographer

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