Routledge History Author of the Month March 2011: Karen Offen

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Routledge History Author of the Month March 2011: Karen Offen

by admin on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 2:22pm

Karen Offen, Senior Scholar with the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, has been named the Routledge History Author of the Month for March. This honor is fitting for Offen, whose early work with the Institute included Victorian Women: A Documentary Account of Women's Lives in Nineteenth Century England, France, and the United States co-edited with former Clayman Institute advisor Leslie Hume and Erna Olafson Hellrestein in 1981.

Offen presented her most recent work, Globalizing Feminisms, 1789 - 1945, at a talk at the Institute last year. This edited volume falls in the Rewriting History series. In her introduction, Offen writes:

This collection is intended to assist not only in stimulating further inquiry but also to “de-block” memory. For in fact, the knowledge of feminism’s history during its period of globalizing is a precious legacy to younger generations – especially to today’s young people who presume to take women’s emancipation entirely for granted and resist the label ‘feminist’ – until they encounter obstacles that block their paths to self-realization. ‘Amazing!’ they will say, as many of us once said, ‘Why didn’t I learn about that in school?’ This question is one we should all be asking, and insisting on answers.

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You can read the complete release here.

Congratulations, Karen!