Changes in work and family for men and women

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Changes in work and family for men and women

by Gender News staff on Monday, December 2, 2013 - 3:39pm

In the breadwinner-and-homemaker family, there was a clear division of labor, with men concentrating on work outside the home and women on family. But since the 1960s, when this family form began to break down, many have sought both satisfying paid work and rewarding family relationships.

In the following video lecture, Myra Strober explains what research says about what we can do in our personal lives, at work, and as a society to help women and men balance work and family.


Myra Strober's Classes Without Quizzes lecture was filmed on location at Stanford Reunion Homecoming 2013 by the Stanford Alumni Association.

Myra Strober, "Changes in Work and Family for Men and Women"

Myra Strober
Professor Emerita, School of Education Professor, by courtesy, Graduate School of Business Clayman Institute Director, 1979-84

Myra Strober is both professor emerita in the Graduate School of Education and of economics (by courtesy) at the Graduate School of Business. Her research focuses on gender issues at work, work-life balance, the economics of childcare and interdisciplinary work. She is the founding director of the Stanford Center for Research on Women (now the Clayman Institute for Gender Research). Professor Strober has authored numerous articles on occupational segregation, women in the professions and management, the economics of childcare, feminist economics and the teaching of economics. She has also been an expert witness in cases involving the valuation of work in the home, sex discrimination, and sexual harassment.