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Participant Testimonials

Here's what faculty who have participated in the OpEd seminar have said about the program.

  • "I cannot thank you and the OpEd Project enough for hands-down the most intellectually stimulating, practical, productive, tightly-organized, professional development workshop/event that I have ever been lucky enough to attend in my 20 years in academe. There wasn't a hint of the usual "leadership" clichés, cant, or didacticism; your smarts, experience, good humor, cut-to-the-chase energy and strategic advice helped me develop not only invaluable skills but also a new mindset. I really have reoriented the way I understand my work as a scholar, which perhaps is the most profound consequence for me of the workshop. How many opportunities in life are there to truly change one's perspective and work? Not to be hyperbolic, but there were a couple of the "now I can see" epiphanies, esp. in terms of the self-abnegating interior tapes I had a-running through my head. This workshop has so many more applications for me than just writing the op-eds (although I will be doing my part, too, in helping us reach that tipping point of women contributors). And finally, those two days were just thoroughly enjoyable: I loved my cohort and look forward to staying in touch. I now feel like I also have joined a community of women, mentors, those interested in the social responsibility of communicating with each other and the public."
  • "The workshop was great. Because of it, I submitted an op-ed and it was published just last month. I would certainly recommend the workshop to others. In fact, I already have!"
  • "I nearly cancelled because it came at such a busy time in the quarter. I’m so glad I came. It was a terrific investment of time. Katie is knowledgeable and inspiring."
  • "The program gave hands-on advice and practical experience in writing op-eds. We absolutely must bring this program back."
  • "This was an extremely valuable program that provided a very specific, focused hands-on approach. It is critical for those of us in academics to get our respective expertise to a broader public audience. This program greatly facilitates this and will most certainly result in a greater voice for female faculty."