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Adrianne Vasey
Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2009-10, Immunology

Adrianne Vasey was the Iris F. Litt, M.D., Graduate Dissertation Fellow during the 2009-10 academic year. Vasey worked on a new formalized training seminar for graduate students dealing specifically with the issue of dual-career academic couples as an outgrowth of the Clayman Institute's research on Dual-Career Academic Couples in the Academy. While there are numerous preparatory resources available at Stanford for students interested in pursuing academic careers, none of them address the issue of dual-career couples. Given recent research findings by the Clayman Institute that 36% of full-time faculty have partners that are also academics, this dearth of resources tailored for people entering faculty positions as part of a dual-career academic couple leaves the specific issues and needs of a sizable population of job candidates unaddressed. To address this need among graduate students, Vasey will design two workshops: one covering negotiation skills and tactics, and the second focusing on the issues faced by dual-career academic couples. The workshops will be coordinated through the Clayman Institute and will be available to students across all schools and disciplines.