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Aishwary Kumar
Assistant Professor in Department of History, School of Humanities & Sciences

Aishwary Kumar is an Assistant Professor of Modern South Asian History and Modern Intellectual History, in the Department of History, in the School of Humanities and Sciences. He is an intellectual historian specializing in nineteenth and twentieth century thought, and works at the intersection of history of ideas, moral and political philosophy, and modern legal and political thought. More specifically, his research examines the itinerary of political languages and juridical concepts in South Asia and Europe as they come to be mediated, especially in the twentieth century, by questions of universality, freedom, and value. 

For his latest book, he focuses specifically on the political thought of M. K. Gandhi, B. R.  Ambedkar, and their Indian and Euro-American interlocutors, all occupied with the problem of democratic responsibility in the wake of the century’s cruelties. More generally, his research interests lie in the disruption and transformation of liberal thought by aboriginal politics. His current work charts the itinerary of political theory and conceptual practices travelling between South Asia and Europe.

Further information about Aishwary Kumar is available from his website