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Alison Fogarty
Ph.D Candidate, Department of Sociology
Clayman Institute Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2011-12

Alison Fogarty is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology at Stanford University and her main fields of research are sex, gender, and sexuality as well as social psychology. Her previous work focused on the romantic and sexual practices of college students, examining issues of status and stigma and exploring the ways in which gender colors preferences, behaviors, and interactions. Alison is also involved a project that examines college women's pathways to bisexual behavior and identity. Her current research broadly focuses on gender variance. She is currently working on a project that investigates media depictions of transgender individuals by conducting content analysis of a decade's worth of New York Times articles. Alison's dissertation seeks to expand the hierarchy of gender discrimination in the workplace to include transwomen, transmen, and genderqueer individuals in addition to birth assigned males and females. She argues that three mechanisms determine one’s position in the hierarchy of gender discrimination: if they confront the assumption that gender is dichotomous, if they confront the assumption that gender is fixed, and if their gender presentation is feminine, masculine, or neither/both. Alison hopes that research that conceptualizes gender beyond the typical fixed and binary will legitimize this alternative consideration of gender and reduce gender inequality and gender-based discrimination and abuse.