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Amrapali Maitra
GraduateVoice and Influence Program 2017-18, Anthropology & SOM


Amrapali Maitra is an MD and PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Stanford University. She received a BA from Harvard College in History and Literature in 2010. Her PhD research is an ethnographic study of domestic violence among low-income communities of laborers in Kolkata, India. While there is a growing interest in the dynamics of poverty, gender, and labor in Indian slums, Amrapali's work focuses on how bodily experiences of abuse as well as of grueling work affect healthcare decisions

for women and their abilities to endure. She is interested, broadly, in how family dynamics, cultural norms, and social pressures affect health and wellbeing. She is committed to directing global health interventions towards the priorities generated by women's own narratives, by recognizing both the challenges and the resilience of families in poverty. She also believes that good medicine lies in advocacy, compassionate listening, and attention to the patient's point of view. She plans to begin residency in Internal Medicine in 2018 and pursue a career at the intersection of medicine and anthropology.