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Ben A. Barres
Professsor in Neurobiology, School of Medicine
Professor in Developmental Biology, School of Medicine
Professor in Neurology and Neurological Sciences, School of Medicine
Member of Bio-X
hair, Stanford University School of Medicine - Neurobiology

Dr. Barres' major area of research is neuron-glial interactions in the developing central nervous system. He has pioneered the development of novel methods for the purification and culture of neurons and glial cells. Prior to joining Stanford in 1993, Dr. Barres graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, obtained an MD degree at Dartmouth Medical School and completed his neurology residency at Cornell. He also obtained a Ph.D. from Harvard Medical School and did his postdoctoral training at University College London.

Dr. Barres has won many research awards including a Life Sciences Research Fellowship, the Klingenstein Fellowship Award, a McKnight Investigator Award, and a Searle Scholar Award, as well as teaching awards including the Kaiser Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Kaiser Award for Innovative and Outstanding Contributions to Medical Education.

Further information is available from his website.