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Bryn Williams
Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2007-08, Cultural and Social Anthropology

Bryn WilliamsĀ uses archaeological, historical, and ethnographic methods to understand how race and gender intersected during 19th century California. In addition to his teaching, Bryn will spend the 2007-2008 year analyzing data from archaeological excavations of Chinese and Chinese American communities in San Jose and Monterey, CA, in order to examine the material mechanisms through which racialized femininities, masculinities, and other gender identities were created and sustained in the realm of everyday life. In sum, Bryn wants to understand how and if the objects we use, ignore, and throw away on a daily basis constitute and communicate the identities upon which social and political groups are imagined. The results of this research will be written into his dissertation titled "Gender, Race, and the Territorialization of 19th century California." In addition to his dissertation research, Bryn is interested in the historical antecedents of contemporary masculinities as well as the relationships between men and feminism in practice and theory.