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Edith Gelles
Senior Scholar

Edith Gelles is currently editing a volume of Abigail Adams’s Letters for the Library of America to be published in early 2016. A historian of colonial America and women, she is the author, most recently, of Abigail & John: Portrait of a Marriage, published by HarperCollins (2009), which was a finalist for the prestigious George Washington Prize. Gelles has written two earlier biographies of Abigail Adams. Portia: The World of Abigail Adams (1992) winner of the American Historical Association's Herbert Feis Award. First Thoughts: Life and Letters of Abigail Adams (1998) was published in paperback by Routledge with the title, Abigail Adams: A Writing Life. She has edited and wrote an extended biographical introduction to The Letters of Abigail Levy Franks (1733-1748), published by Yale University Press in December 2004. In 1994, she wrote the centennial catalogue for the Libraries of Stanford University: "For Instruction and Research,” She has published many articles and reviews and has taught in the Humanities as well as the Continuing Studies Programs at Stanford. She has long been a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians and has appeared on C-Span and the American Experience.


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