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Hannah Frank
Graduate Voice & Influence Program Fellow 2016-2017


Hannah Frank is a sixth year PhD student in Elizabeth Hadly’s lab in the department of biology. Hannah received her bachelor's degree from Harvard College in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and researched tuatara (a very ancient reptile endemic to New Zealand) on a Fulbright grant before starting her PhD at Stanford. Hannah’s broad research interests center around understanding how an organism’s ecology shapes its evolution, especially at large evolutionary scales, as well as how we can use this information to aid in conserving biodiversity. Within this she has focused particularly on factors affecting the relationship between hosts and infectious organisms. For her dissertation she is examining the impact of host ecology and land use change on infections in Costa Rican bats as well as how ecologically based differences in pathogen exposure between bat species may be correlated with differences in the evolution of proteins that interact with pathogens.