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Hannah Valantine, MD
Senior Associate Dean, School of Medicine
Professor, Cardiovascular Medicine
Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow, 2009-2010
Supported by the Iris F. Litt, M.D Fund

Hannah Valantine is the senior associate dean for diversity and leadership at the Stanford University School of Medicine and a former Clayman Research Fellow.

Dr. Hannah Valantine was born in the Gambia, West Africa, and grew up in England. She is a graduate of St. George's Hospital, London University and completed her residency at St. George's Hospital, Brompton Hospital and Guys Hospital London. Her cardiology fellowship training was at Royal Postgraduate Medical School in Hammersmith London. For her post-doctoral research fellowship training she came to Stanford University, and undertook research focused on Echocardiography for the diagnosis of acute reaction. During this time she also conducted clinical research to determine the role of conventional risk factors in transplant coronary artery disease (CAD) and the application of intravascular ultrasound for detection and monitoring of the disease process.

Currently, Dr. Valantine is a Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University. She is also the Director of Clinical Transplant Research. Her current research interests include pathophysiology of transplant related atherosclerosis, with a focus on the role of infection and lipids; heart disease in women; and conduct of clinical trials. She has been the recipient of several research grants from the AHA and NIH, for which she was Co-Principal Investigator for an NIH - funded Program Project Grant in transplant arteriosclerosis.

In November 2004 Dr. Valantine was appointed as Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Leadership in the Stanford University School of Medicine. In this role, Dr. Valantine is responsible for development and implementation of new strategies to expand faculty diversity, and provide opportunities for leadership development.

Dr. Valantine has served on many editorial boards including Urban Cardiology, Journal of Heart & Lung Transplant, Transplant Proceedings, and Transplantation and Circulation. She is Past-president of the American Heart Association Western States Affiliate Board of Directors.

Dr. Valantine is author of 160 peer-reviewed publications, 10 book chapters, and has been invited to be a presenter at over 200 lectures.