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Helen Bronte-Stewart
Associate Professor, (MCL) Neurology & Neurological Sciences, School of Medicine
Associate Professor, (MCL) by courtesy, Neurosurgery
Member of Bio-X
Co-director, Stanford Balance Center
Division Chief, Movement Disorders division, Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences
Director, Stanford Movement Disorders Center

Helen Bronte-Stewart received her M.S in Bioengineering and her MD degree from University of Pennsylvania Schools of Engineering and Medicine, respectively. Her expertise in single neuronal electrophysicology in primates has been transferred to the operating room where she performs the intra-operative microelectrode mapping of basal ganglia nuclei during deep brain stimulations (DBS) procedures for the treatment of patients with Movement Disorders.

Her research focuses on human motor control and brain pathophysiology in movement disorders. The overall goal is to understand the role of the basal ganglia electrical activity in the pathogenesis of movement disorders. She and her team have developed novel computerized technology to measure fine, limb and postural movement. With these they are measuring local field potentials in basal ganglia nuclei in patients with Parkinson's disease and dystonian and correlating brain signalling with motor behavior

More information about Helen Bronte-Stewart is available from her profile.