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Helen Paris
Associate Professor (Teaching) of Theater and Performance Studies
Faculty Research Fellow, 2014-15

Helen Paris is Associate Professor of Performance at Stanford University and co-artistic director of Curious theatre company.  Her solo performances include Family Hold Back, which has toured extensively in the UK, and internationally, including Sydney Opera House, Guling Street Avant-Garde Theater in Taipei and the Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts, Shanghai. Curious has produced over 40 projects in a range of media including performance, installation and film. The company’s work has been presented and supported by such institutions as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Institute for Contemporary Art London, the British Council Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival and film festivals such as Winterthur, the London Short Film Festival and Hors Pistes at the Pompidou Center. 

Professor Paris’s research over the next year as a Clayman Fellow will focus on her continued performative exploration of proximity and intimacy in performance, undertaking of a dedicated period of creative fictional writing over the year, and a continuation of her collaboration with French video artist and choreographer Gretchen Schiller, Professor at Universite Stendhal Grenoble 3 on cellular, body and place memory.

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