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Irene Jor
Undergradute Student, Stanford University

Irene is a senior earning her B.A. in Urban Studies at Stanford. She was first exposed to the international domestic worker’s rights movement through a Stanford in Government (SIG) fellowship with the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Bangkok, Thailand in 2011. That summer the Convention on Domestic Workers (C. 189) was also adopted by the International Labor Conference in Geneva. As a result Irene had the opportunity to support the ILO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in understanding the convention and moving towards a regional response. Following that summer Irene studied abroad in Santiago de Chile through the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP). There she had the opportunity to study the impact of a recently established minimum wage law for domestic workers (Ley 20.279) in a comparative economics class. She also volunteered with El Instituto Católico Chileno de Migración (INCAMI) to assist recent immigrants to Chile with job placement assistance. Upon returning to campus Irene took a service-learning class with Dr. Kathleen Coll, New Citizenship: Grassroots Movements for Social Justice in the U.S., through which she was introduced to the California Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights (AB 889) campaign. Irene worked with the campaign this past summer as an intern with Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employer’s Association (HIH) while conducting qualitative field research with the support of a Major Grant. She is currently writing her honors thesis on the campaign’s engagement of disabled employers as allies for domestic worker’s rights.