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Jennifer (Jenna) Davis
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering
Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for Environment
Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow, 2009-2010
Clayman Institute Faculty Voice and Influence Fellow, 2011-2012

Professor Davis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering and a Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment with Stanford University. She holds a master's degree in public health and a PhD in environmental management and policy, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professor Davis' research interests focus on the water and sanitation sectors, with particular emphasis on cost-effective, sustainable water supply and sanitation (W&S) service delivery in developing countries. Current research projects focus on economic benefits of the productive use of domestic water supplies; strategies to motivate household investment in water, sanitation, and hygiene; synergies between sustainable sanitation planning and both economic development and environmental protection strategies; and the design of post-construction support programs for rural water systems. Professor Davis teaches courses on water and sanitation planning, infrastructure privatization, the theory and practice of sustainable development, and research methods. She has conducted fieldwork in more than a dozen countries, including most recently Kenya, Colombia, and Tanzania.

Further information about Jenna Davis and her research is available from her website.

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