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Jennifer L. Raymond
Associate Professor of Neurobiology, Stanford University School of Medicine
Supported by the Iris F. Litt, M.D Fund
Faculty Advisor, Center for the Advancement of Women's Leadership
Associate Dean, Office of Diversity and Leadership, Stanford University School of Medicine
Clayman Institute Faculty Voice and Influence Fellow, 2011-2012

Raymond studies the neural mechanisms of learning. Her research aims to develop an integrated understanding of this fundamental brain function by systematically tracing learning from a sensory experience, through the neural encoding of that experience, to the induction of plasticity at specific loci in the brain, and the ultimate readout of the memory in an altered behavior.   Her lab focuses on motor skill learning, the process through which movements become smooth and accurate through practice.

Her research investigates the neural mechanisms of learning, specifically how experience shapes the structure and function of the brain.  As a Clayman fellow, she will be conducting new research within the field of learning and memory.

View her lab website here.