Joan Petersilia


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Joan Petersilia
Adelbert H. Sweet Professor of Law
Faculty Co-Director, Stanford Criminal Justice Center

Dr. Joan Petersilia has spent more than 25 years studying the performance of U.S. criminal justice agencies and has been instrumental in affecting sentencing and corrections reform in California and throughout the United States. She is the author of 11 books about crime and public policy, and her research on parole reform, prisoner reintegration and sentencing policy has fueled changes in policies throughout the nation. A criminologist with a background in empirical research and social science, Dr. Petersilia is also faculty co-director for the Stanford Criminal Justice Center (SCJC), focusing on policies related to crime control, sentencing, and corrections, and developing nonpartisan analyses and recommendations intended to aid public officials, legal practitioners, and the public in understanding criminal justice policy at the state and national levels.

Her publications include: Beyond the Prison Bubble, Crime and Public Policy, Back-end Sentencing and Reimprisonment: Individual, Organizational, and Community Predictors of Parole Sanctioning Decisions.

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