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Lalaie Ameeriar
Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2006-07, Cultural and Social Anthropology

Lalaie Ameeriar is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Her dissertation, "Making Globalization Work: Pakistani-Muslim Women and Migration", explores Pakistani women's experiences of transnationalism and migration. The project has two goals: first, an interrogation of the category "South Asian"; and second an examination of theories of globalization through the lens of gender - how does globalization happen for women. A key focus of examination is the transformation of Islam in diaspora. She asks how we should examine women's experiences as they are informed by Islam which, due to the current political climate, is perceived in the West as being a patriarchal and oppressive tradition? Based on sixteen months of interviews and participant observation with Pakistani-Muslim Canadian women, this study focuses on the juncture between gender, ethnicity, citizenship, Islam, and labor in Canada.