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Lily Bixler Clausen
Editor of Gender News
Public Relations Specialist

Lily B. Clausen is editor of Gender News. She got her start as a reporter at the Half Moon Bay Review, covering virtually everything that impacts the sprinkling of coastal communities in San Mateo County. Most recently she worked as a news producer at The Seattle Times.

With roots in the feminist press, Lily joined the Clayman Institute more than two years ago on a part-time basis, writing for Gender News and working to boost the institute's media presence. Last spring she shifted into an editor position.

Her work has appeared in Salon, Ms. Magazine, CurrentTV, Forbes, The Seattle Times, Palo Alto Weekly and Peninsula Press. Lily studied English as well as Women & Gender Studies at Scripps College and she earned her Master’s degree in Communication at Stanford University. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA.