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Lochlann Jain
Associate Professor of Anthropology, School of Humanities & Sciences
Clayman Institute Faculty Voice and Influence Fellow, 2012-2013

Lochlann Jain is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology in the School of Humanities and Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in History of Consciousness from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1999.

Professor Jain's research is primarily concerned with the ways in which stories get told about injuries, how they are thought to be caused, and how that matters. Figuring out the political and social significance of these stories has led to the study of law, product design, medical error, and histories of engineering, regulation, corporations, and advertising. She has received a number of awards and recognitions, one of which is the Cultural Horizons Prize by the Society for Cultural Anthropology for best article published in the journal Cultural Anthropology, in 2004.

Further information about Professor Jain is available from her website.

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