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Margaret T. Fuller
Professor of Developmental Biology, School of Medicine
Professor of Genetics, School of Medicine
Member, Stanford Cancer Institute
Member, Bio-X
Member, Institute of Medicine
Member, National Academy of Sciences
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Reed-Hodgson Professor, Human Biology

Margaret T. Fuller is a professor in the Department of Developmental Biology and Department of Genetics, both in the School of Medicine. She received her A.B. in Physics from Brandeis University in 1974, and her Ph.D in Microbiology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980. She was an associate professor in the School of Medicine from 1990-2000, when she was awarded full professorship. Her research interests include: Stem cell specification, self-renewal, and differentiation; and regulation mechanisms in cell differentiation.

Further information about Margaret Fuller and her research is available from her profile and her lab's website