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Marie Lasnier
French and Italian Literature

Marie Lasnier is studying the evolution of travel literature in France, throughout the 20th century. She is analyzing how the genre has been influenced by the emergence of a new generation of travel writers from the 1950's onward, and to what extent a certain number of writers have explored new ways of writing about their geographical as well as spiritual journey, gradually distancing themselves from the earlier traditional models of travel writing. Her research mainly focuses on the dichotomy between 'travelling writers' as opposed to 'writing travellers', and the ways in which these two types of writers, both male and female, have somehow altered our perception of the world. Lasnier's dissertation project is organized around the literary work of Alexandra David-Néel, Isabelle Eberhardt and Nicolas Bouvier, who respectively travelled to North Africa, Tibet, India, Asia and the Middle East throughout the 20th Century, and widely contributed to redefine new modes of travelling, and ultimately writing. Her objective is to demonstrate to what extent their experiences have differed from one another, especially in association with the "Other", the outer world, the travelling Self (as both men and women), and more specifically in relation to the act of writing itself. She is focused on the antagonism between the male travelling writer and the female writing traveller, in order to see how the evolution of gender, society, feminism and human kind eventually encouraged writers to better observe, re-discover and ultimately re-write about their experience with the world.