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Megan Morikawa
Graduate student at the Hopkins Marine Station
Graduate Voice & Influence Program Fellow 2014-2015

Megan’s vision, as a graduate student at the Hopkins Marine Station, is to help bridge emerging technologies & conservation application through innovative problem solving in the crisis discipline that is global change research. Megan is a third year PhD candidate, advised by Steve Palumbi, and focused on the utility of genomics & physiological assays to better marine conservation in coral reefs. Can we build reefs that are more resilient to climate change? How different are species’ responses to heat stress? Do coral have a biological memory for the environments they’ve experienced and can this be used as an indicator for bleaching vulnerability? Megan also serves as a Hopkins MARINE liaison, helping to foster a new generation of ocean leaders through workshops designed to enhance the graduate career. She wishes to pursue a career that connects emerging technologies, conservation application, and private funding to help solve problems in global change research