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Nya Hughes
Susan Heck Summer Intern

Nya is a rising junior from New York, NY interested in pursuing a career in academia and various forms of media production. She is in the process of conferring an undergraduate Bachelor of the Arts degree in African & African-American Studies. Through her interdisciplinary course work, she is learning to rigorously critique and produce media, analyze the impacts of intersectional identities upon our worldview, and interrogate the effects of when media and worldview collide. As a Susan Heck Intern, she will be researching the ways in which female rappers offer a counternarrative to negative stereotypes about black women through their lyrics, performance, and personas. In the near future, Nya hopes to undertake a fifth year at Stanford University so that she may earn her Masters degree in Communications - Journalism, and eventually, she plans to pursue a PhD program in Theater and Performance Studies. Her top achievements include being able to sing the names of the 50 states in alphabetical order and randomly meeting Frank Ocean once in SoHo.