Patricia Gumport


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Patricia J. Gumport
Professor of Education, School of Education
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Director of Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research (SIHER)
Faculty Advisor, Center for the Advancement of Women's Leadership

Patricia J. Gumport is Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Professor of Education, and Director of the Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research (SIHER) at Stanford University. She received her graduate degrees from Stanford University, two master’s degrees and a PhD in 1987. Her BA is from Colgate University, where she later worked as assistant dean of admissions and served on the Board of Trustees. Prior to joining the Stanford faculty in 1989, she was a postdoctoral researcher in comparative (international) higher education, and assistant professor of organizational studies in higher education at UCLA.

Dr. Gumport has received numerous awards for her research and teaching. Most recently, she won the 2006 American Educational Research Association’s Exemplary Research Award in recognition of her outstanding scholarly contributions to the study of higher education.

Further information is available from her website.

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