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Patricia R. Burchat
Professor of Physics, School of Humanities and Sciences
Gabilan Professorship

Patricia Burchat received her Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto (1981), and her Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford Unviersity (1986). She was an associate professor in the Physics department from 1995 until 2000, when she was granted full professorship. Most recently, Patricia was awarded the Walter J. Gores Award for excellence in teaching (2007), as well as the Judith Pool Award for mentoring young women in science (2010).

Her area of research is experimental particle physics, and her interests are primarily focused on fundamental physics; the laws of physics that govern the fundamental constituents of the Universe; and mapping the “dark matter” in the universe as a probe for understanding the nature of “dark energy”.

Further information about Patricia is available from her website.