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Paulla Ebron
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Faculty Research Fellow, 2015-16
Faculty Research Fellow, 2008-09

Paulla A. Ebron is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology. Her research interests include memory and political history, popular culture, performance and subjectivity. One project focuses on the making of a region off the southeastern coast of the United States, an area known as the Georgia Sea Islands. The region has stirred the imagination of many scholars, and laypeople, throughout much of the twentieth century.   This site becomes a productive area to trace transnational commercial connections that link colonial and postcolonial histories of the U. S, South and colonial projects in Africa and India. The fieldwork and archive-based research bring the materiality of landscape engineering together in a discussion of the ways non-human histories entangle social projects. Ebron's earlier research among musicians and artisans in The Gambia (Performing Africa, Princeton, 2002), helps shape an extension of earlier research questions to consider value, Western art music and its performance as a form of cultural capital.

Ebron will devote the fellowship year to engaging with thoughts of feminist film theorists whose works provide analytic insights about intersectionality and subjectivity.  

Professor Ebron's full bio can be viewed at the Department of Anthrology website.