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Phyllis Stewart Pires
Senior Director, WorkLife Strategy
BBS Faculty Research Fellow 2016-2017

As the Senior Director of WorkLife Strategy for Stanford University, Phyllis Stewart Pires designs and manages programs and services that support the Stanford community in navigating the competing demands of work, study, personal and family lives.  Phyllis came to Stanford with an extensive background in meeting the needs of the diverse and rapidly changing workforce, first having founded the Family Services unit at Cisco and then serving as the Global Head of Diversity at SAP. By using pragmatic, comprehensive programs, cross-functional project development, peer and leadership mentoring, and affinity group development Phyllis made significant progress in diversity, engagement, and values driven culture alignment initiatives. Phyllis is working in partnership with the Clayman Institute for Gender Research on a unique pilot and research project utilizing peer mentoring, community networking and on-line learning tools for dynamic professional development opportunities for women employees. Phyllis has her Masters in Developmental Studies from UCLA's Graduate School of Education.