Priya Fielding-Singh

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Priya Fielding-Singh
Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2016-17, Sociology
Graduate Voice & Influence Program Fellow 2016-2017

Priya Fielding-Singh is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at Stanford University studying the social determinants of health. Her dissertation explores the relationship between socioeconomic status and diet through an investigation of families’ dietary beliefs and behaviors. Using in-depth interviews with and ethnographic observations of how mothers, fathers, and children across the socioeconomic spectrum eat, she examines how health behaviors – and disparities – are transmitted from parents to children. While most public health research has focused on the role of mothers in shaping their children's health outcomes, her work explores how fathers impact their children’s health. She examines how fathers shape the home food environment, influence the family diet, and transmit dietary values and practices to their children.