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Rania Kassab al-Sweis
Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2010-11, Anthropology

Rania Kassab al-Sweis is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University. Her dissertation, entitled Coming of Age in a Global Egypt: the politics of Transnational Humanitarianism, Childhood and Youth, is an ethnographic exploration into the world of transnational humanitarianism, and the ways in which transnational encounters redefine gendered experiences of childhood, youth and the family in poverty-stricken areas of Cairo and surrounding villages. Based on over two years of fieldwork in Egypt and NGO offices in Paris, France, her dissertation project demonstrates how globally-circulating discourses of children's rights inform new local understandings of personhood and embodiment, and how humanitarian subjects are 'made' through gendered, classed and racialized conceptualizations of suffering and vulnerability. You can read more in the Gender News article: From Revolution to the Everyday: Reflections on childhood, youth and poverty in Egypt.