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Roz Naylor
Professor; William Wrigley Senior Fellow, Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Woods Institute for the Environment

Professor Roz Naylor received her Ph.D. in Applied Economics, Food Research Institute from Stanford University in 1989. She has been at Stanford since 1992. Her research focuses on the environmental and equity dimensions of intensive food production systems, and the food security dimensions of low-input systems. She has been involved in a number of field-level research projects around the world and has published widely on issues related to climate impacts on agriculture, distributed irrigation systems for diversified cropping, nutrient use and loss in agriculture, biotechnology, aquaculture and livestock production, biofuels development, food price volatility, and food policy analysis. She teaches courses on the world food economy, food and security, aquaculture science and policy, human society and environmental change, and food-water-health linkages.