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Sapna Cheryan
Associate Professor, Psychology, University of Washington
BBS Faculty Research Fellow 2016-2017

Cheryan is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Washington. She earned a BA in psychology and American Studies at Northwestern and a PhD in psychology from Stanford University. Her research interests include identity, stereotypes, and prejudice, and she has published numerous articles on these topics in journals such as Psychological Science, Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, andPsychological Bulletin. Her work has been cited widely in the media, including in the New York Times, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal. In 2012–13, she was a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation in New York City.

During the 2016-17 academic year, Cheryan is a Fellow at Stanford University's Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences (CASBS), where she will use her fellowship to develop a theoretical and analytical framework for understanding and ameliorating gender bias in academic and workplace cultures. 

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