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Sara Mrsny
Ph.D Candidate, Department of Philosophy
Clayman Institute Graduate Dissertation Fellow 2011-12

Sara Mrsny (Philosophy)
Sara Mrsny is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Philosophy at Stanford.  Her dissertation explores the way in which the labor of caregivers would be recognized in a just society.  Mrsny begins by noting that persons who care for their own children or infirm adult family members have less income and wealth, lower status, and fewer job opportunities than non-caregivers.  This is in spite of the fact that society could not function but for the fact that many citizens engage in caregiving.  She argues that an adequate theory of justice must recognize these disadvantages as injustices, and that some popular egalitarian accounts of justice fail to meet this criterion of adequacy.  Mrsny also argues that the outcome of this debate about justice for caregivers has broad policy implications.  In particular, she claims that justice requires both policies that compensate caregivers for their labor and accommodate them in other places of work.