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Susan Groag Bell
Senior Scholar, In Memoriam

Susan Groag Bell has been at the Institute since 1978. She has worked on various aspects of European women's history since her undergraduate studies at Stanford. Her first book Women from the Greeks to the French Revolution (Stanford University Press, 1972, 1983) was followed by a two volume collection entitled Women, the Family and Freedom: The Debate in Documents 1750 - 1950, (with Karen Offen, Stanford University Press, 1983). Bell has also published articles on women as book collectors, notably: Medieval Women Book Owners: Arbiters of Lay Piety and Ambassadors of Culture (1982). A Memoir, Between Worlds in Czechoslovakia, England and America (Dutton, 1991) was followed by an essay "Visiting the Place that was Home" in "Gender-Exile-Schreiben" (Wuerzburg, Germany, 2002).Bell's main scholarly love has been the 15th and 16th century and especially that unique author Christine de Pizan about whom she has published several articles and most recently her 30-year-long study and search for The Lost Tapestries of 'The City of Ladies': Christine de Pizan's Renaissance Legacy, (University of California Press, 2004). Bell has recently published an article on "Christine de Pizan in Her Study" in the online journal Cahiers de recherché medievales (published June 10, 2008). She has given presentations on this topic to the International Christine de Pizan Colloque at the Sorbonne in Paris (2006) and to an American Historical Association conference held at Stanford also in the summer of 2006. 

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